All Kinds of Fun Aviation Themed Games

When anyone asks me what I do for a living, I feel like telling them I’m an airline pilot. I’m not really, but I do enjoy playing one online! I found this website not long ago where the only kinds of games that can be found there are ones that have to do with aviation in some form. The first game I played was TU 46. It was my job to pilot a jumbo jet so all of my passengers arrived at their destination in one piece. Sounds easy enough, right? Sometimes it is, but sometimes it can be pretty challenging too.

I must have played that game dozens of times before I even started looking at other games on the site. I was just having so much fun with it that I even forgot that there were hundreds of other games just waiting on me to play them. I do believe the next game I tried was a war game, then I fought of alien zombies as well as just plain old aliens in an entirely different game. While the games all have to do with aviation, it is not just airplane games where I am a pilot.

There are games where helicopters must be flown, and there are others where it is UFOs or even paper airplanes. Each of them have their own rules and graphics, which is why they are all so much fun. There are even games where piloting isn’t even a part of it. There is an airport management game that is pretty cool. The person playing it is in charge of the entire airport, which means they have to make sure the planes that are coming in for a landing don’t crash into each other, and they also have to make sure that planes get unloaded, fueled up, and take off in an orderly and timely fashion as well. There’s just so much fun for just about anyone here!