I Am Fed Up with Time Warner

It is not the first time that I have said, but I think that it shall be the last. I am fed up with Time Warner and their shenanigans with my bill. The only thing that slows me down is the fact that I am not really seeing a lot of great options to replace their internet service. I have been looking at this http://www.directstartv.org/directv-internet-price.html and of course it seems obvious that you can easily get a price from Directv that will beat the tar out of what I am paying for the cable TV that I have right now. The only issue with it is related to the weather, assuming that you do not have obstructions blocking your line of sight to the piece of sky you need to point the antenna towards. I have seen what happens, some times it is just a particular type of cloud. I guess that the clouds reflect the signal or some such thing. This time I think that I shall be rid of them once and for all. They have been doing this same thing to me as long as I can remember. They keep tacking on these charges of unknown providence to me bill and if I did nothing it would be close to two hundred dollars by now. Of course I complain and they lower it temporarily, but very soon it starts climbing again. They do not want to lose me as a customer, at least not so long as they have not taken all of the money that I have to give them. So they pretend that they are going to lower my bills. That just proves that they are charging me a lot more than they should be. It is fairly obvious when you sit down and think it through.

Are Japanese or Korean Dramas Better?

Japanese shows have a unique style, it’s not as great as Korean dramas but it is okay. The story is the good part but I don’t believe the acting is that good. So what you need to watch for is the story of the drama. Want to know some Japanese drama s that can peak your interest? Here are some suggestions you can watch.

Hana Kimi: It’s about a girl who needs to get inside an all boys school because she has a debt to pay off. The star athlete from the school has been injured because of her and she somehow wants to repay him. No one knows that she is a girl so she starts to live comfortably. But people find out and she doesn’t know what to do anymore. She loves the boy who has saved her so watch what happens between the two of them and also the whole school.

Gokusen: This has many seasons to it and it’s all great. It’s about a teacher who is from a Yakuza, a gang, family. She wants to stay a teacher so she needs to keep it a secret but she only teaches the bad kids. And with bad kids there will always be trouble. So she needs to protect her students and make them succeed in life. She needs to gain the trust of her students so watch how she will do that. Remember that there are seasons to this drama so if you like it, watch it all.

Now that you know two Japanese dramas, you should go ahead and watch them. They are a bit weird compared to Korean dramas but still fun to watch. They have a crazy personality when acting and you will be able to see it. It’s a totally different style than the Koreans but it’s all good. So hurry up and watch them!

The Condo is Going to Need a New Roof

Anne and I are looking at this condo, but it is not really in a shape which is going to make it easy to move in to right at the moment. In fact we have to think about how much it is going to cost us to have the roof replacement in NYC. It is going to take some math that tells us this makes sense before we can move in to the place, but the initial cost of the place is not that bad in fact. The problem is that you might start burning through a pile of money and never get to the end of the job. It is like that expression a money pit, a hole where you put all your money and the only thing that happens is that the hole gets deeper and swallows up more and more money. It is not going to take you any place if you do not go in to the thing looking at it with two clear eyes.

It is going to be a long time before we know what this is going to cost at the final analysis. It is not like getting a quote is is going to be the end of it. In fact you have to find a guy who gives you a quote and then sticks to that one, if you are not very careful you get a guy with a totally different game. I know this guy who did this sort of thing and he ended up getting the wrong guy to do the job. He just keep coming back to him telling him that there was some problem which was causing them to be delayed. It turned out that the guy was spending a lot of time getting drunk and very little time working.

Best Energy Providers and Pricing Info

I have had a rough day, because of my allergies. It is pretty awful and I feel like my throat is going to swell shut. I don’t really think that will happen, but my throat is so sore that I have been having trouble swallowing. That is a very disconcerting thing to have happen to you. I am reading a site right now that I hope will give me some insight into the best energy companies around, because I have decided that it would probably be a good idea to switch to a different company to buy my electricity.

I am glad that I have the option of picking a different company. That is one of the great thing about living in this state. I do not know how many other states are in the same boat, but if I were to speculate on the matter, then I would guess that is only a minority of the states, but I can’t say for sure.

I want to find a company that will provide me with electricity at a cheaper price than what I am currently paying. I don’t know if that will be possible, it might be possible, but if not, then at least, I would like to get electricity at the same rate that I am currently paying. I am sure not going to accept paying more than what I am already paying. There is no way I would do that. But the reason I am switching is not because of the price, but because of other reasons. Including a recent interaction with the company that I did not feel was very good. It did not seem like they really valued my business as much as I would think, and so I am going to try to find a company that will treat me better.

More Channels for Less Money

I am not the type of person to go to a new company because I can save a few dollars a month. However, I will leave a company if I feel the customer service is better at another company. That was the case with the company that provided my cable television. Though they kept increasing the prices every couple of years, I did not leave them until I had a billing error that they did not resolve quickly. I told them to cancel my entire account, and I looked at directselecttv.com after a friend suggested that I may want to go with the same company that he has been using for years.

I know he has never had a problem with the reception, even during some of the wicked storms that our area is known to have throughout the year. Even during the heaviest snowfalls, his signal was restored much quicker than my own cable service. I took a look at the different packages, and I was impressed with the low cost as well. I didn’t really realize that I had been paying way too much since I always had it taken directly from my account.

I was also pleased with the programming packages. I would get more channels for a lower price, and they even threw in the free installation as a bonus. I knew I had nothing to lose, and a lot to gain, so I went ahead and signed up with them. I have a two year contract which means I am tied in with current pricing for that amount of time too. I don’t mind the commitment at all, especially when I didn’t have to buy any of the equipment. I was only without television programming for about week, but that is because I wasn’t able to be there earlier for them to install it. Life is back to normal now!

An Honest Review About a Great Shake

Benefits of Meal Replacement ShakesTwo of my friends started using meal replacement shakes not long ago. They both told me that they have more energy than they have had in a long time, plus they just feel better overall. I decided to try it too, but I was not sure which one to go with because they were using two different ones. I decided to just look up both of them as well as a few others to decide which one would be the best overall for myself. I found a site where I found a thorough Ideal Shape review. Though neither of my friends were using this one, I was impressed with everything that I read about it.

What I really liked about this site was that the reviews were honest. They didn’t just state what was good about a meal replacement shake. They gave both sides of the story, so consumers are aware of the negative aspects just as well as the positive ones. There were a few things about the Ideal Shake meal replacement, but nothing that turned me away from it. In fact, the good outweighed the bad by a tremendous amount. The only thing I saw was consistency issues that alarmed some people, but I have not had this experience myself.

I just have a shake that is delicious and healthy, and it has really changed how I eat now. Not only do I use this for a meal replacement, but it has also helped me with my other meals too. I no longer have the urge to put unhealthy food into my body, like greasy burgers and fries. I am craving fruits and veggies now, and I have lost a very stubborn ten pounds that refused to leave my body before turning to this shake! I never go a day without having one.

Just Got Down to Charlotte

Actually I am living just North of Charlotte, sort of in between Kannapolis and Gastonia. It is about perfect for me as I am quite near the plant where I have a job as sort of the resident tech guy. It is a little factory that makes specialty items and you have a good bit of automation which is where I come in. It is not something I was trained to do, but in my last job I picked this stuff up along the way. I do that and other things. Today I am looking for direct tv in Gaston, because I have decided that I just do not care too much for what is on offer from the cable companies. I can get U verse here and I am going to get the internet package from them, but I figure that for now I will get the direct tv on the theory that it is pretty cheap and I am going to want the NFL Sunday Ticket package pretty soon.

Obviously I am a fan of the San Francisco Forty Niners in the NFL and this is not their territory. You can pick up the Carolina Panthers on Fox and that is the same channel that would play the San Fran games if you were going to get them. If it was the territory of an AFC team then I would probably get a Niner game on occasion and obviously their home games are usually going to be on at 4 PM Eastern time after the local game has gone off. However you only get a double header on Fox every other week. So that means the chance that they will show the game that I want to see locally is really quite low. Obviously I expect the Niners to be very good too.

Trying to Figure out How to Lower My Bills

I packed up the truck and headed North from College Station last week. I am a couple of credits short of graduation, but the sort of opportunity I had was not going to wait around. Of course it does not pay well right now, because this is a start up. If it works out I get rich, and if it does not I get to start all over some place else. Right now I am looking to figure out how to save money, if you click here you can see how I can pick different power companies here and I have done that, although I am not keen on waiting for them to hook it up for me. I am living in a double wide trailer about ten miles away from the research park where the business is located and of course that saves me a lot of money on gas. I have a Ford F 150 pick up truck that is really bad on gas, although I am going to keep it because it is free and I can fix it myself for the most part.

Of course I needed internet, that is essential and I am trying to figure out what is practical and what is least expensive. It does not appear that DSL is an option from what I can tell, of course you need to be within a certain distance of some piece of kit on the phone network and this is a more or less rural area near the outskirts of Fort Worth. If I can get a wireless internet I suppose I would give that a try and I am hoping that they have that here. I am sure that I can get cable, because all you have to do is look up and see it.