One Must Fail So One Can Succeed

When a popular Youtube channel started to lose subscribers because of a scandal, I decided it was my time to take their place. Another popular channel could rack up those fleeing subscribers and become one of the biggest channels of all time. In order to get those subscribers, I needed my channel to become popular first. My subscriber and view count was pretty low, so I came up with an idea to buy Youtube views. Videos with a lot of views are bumped to the front page of Youtube and become recommended to other users on the website.

I couldn’t just buy a large chunk of views, because it wouldn’t have seemed natural. Anyone seeing a video or set of videos that went from a low number of views to millions overnight would think that something was suspicious. The videos would be seen as some kind of marketing ploy, and the channel would look too manufactured and fake. To make the view count growth look more organic, I bought views in small blocks at different times of the day at random periods, making sure not to exceed 1,000 views at any period. I also made sure not to give every video the same number of views. I made newer videos have more views than the oldest videos on the channel.

The subscribers grew with the increase in view, while the subscribers on the popular channel continued to fall. The owners of the popular channel made things even worse for themselves by uploading a video where they tried to make things right again. The video only made things worse, and people began to leave rude comments on the videos. They were pretty much digging their own graves and helping me out in the process, without even knowing it. Sometimes it’s just better not to say anything.