She Was Nervous Before a Big Test

My daughter had a major test coming up, and it caused her to be extremely nervous. I knew that her future could depend on how well she did on this test, but I also knew that she was very intelligent and would be okay with the test. I wanted to help her calm her nerves down though, so I went online to get some advice from one of my mom forums. One of the other moms told me to click here on a link that she used for the very same reason. She told me her daughter was nervous, and the article about the five foods to eat before a test actually helped.

I was intrigued from the start, so I went right to the link. The first item on their list is water, and that made sense. I don’t know much about dehydration, but I do know that mental ability is one of the first things to go when a person gets dehydrated. I didn’t know that just being dehydrated by two percent could cause mental decline, so I was happy to know that so I could keep her hydrated prior to the test.

She got a kick out of some of the other items like sugar and coffee. I have always told her to limit those two things, and now I was pushing both on her. I have to admit that I got a chuckle out of that too. I read why both are so important when it comes to mental cognition though, and I know that pushing it for a time like this is perfectly fine. I also read where nuts and seeds are great foods because of the vitamin E in them. We did all of that, and she got a score that was able to get her into the college she wanted!