Keeping Up to Date with Employer and Employee Relations

ACAS is the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service in the UK. You need to know this stuff if you are an employer. Employers big and small should never take advantage of their workforce. This is an asset you should nurture and grow. The returns can be immense. I have always been pleased to have employees that really become part of this company. I do not just want them to work here, I want them to become an integral part of every detail of this business. It is important for employees to invest in us too, and the ACAS helpline helps us do our part.

If you have employees that just show up for work, do their jobs and then go home, you are missing out on so much. We do what we can to get our employees to become part of what we do at the same mindset level as us, the owners. It has to be their baby too, so to speak. You can get someone to work for you, but it is not easy to get someone to catch your vision and work with you. They have to have a return commensurate with what they are investing. We make sure every person has freedom to pursue their jobs in creative ways. No position is just a do-as-your-told position. Those who need daily monitoring and detailed instructions are not a great fit for or company due to the autonomy our people have in getting the work done. Of course, we hold strong to ethical and legal standards for everyone.

Our unique work environment is enjoyed by our employees, but we do make sure to stay in touch with the ACAS helpline to make sure we are always legally on track and dong things correctly as an employer who offers a place to work where you can grow as an employee.