The hardest part in finding a new place to live is finding one that allows dogs. I knew that I would have an easier time if I wanted to live in a house, but I am better suited for apartment living. I don’t want the responsibility of having to take care of the lawn or any problems that may arise such as heating or plumbing issues. That is why I wanted to look at apartments in Salt Lake City, but I had to find one that would allow me to bring my dog with me.

I have had her for nearly three years now, and she is family. There was no way I was going to give her up just to find a place to live, so I only looked for pet friendly apartments. I thought that it would take me a while to find something, and then I thought I would have to settle for something that was not all that nice. I know a lot of people feel that pets can be destructive, but my dog is extremely well trained and causes no problems. I was surprised to find that I was wrong on both counts when it came to finding an apartment for the two of us.

First, I was able to find an apartment complex immediately that allows pets. Secondly, it is really nice! Not only is the floor plan better than I could have imagined, especially with the larger than usual rooms, but there are so many features that come with it. I like to take my dog for walks, but I also like to do other things too to stay active. I was happy to see that there is a swimming pool, a tennis court and even a fitness center at the apartment that I ended up getting. We have been here for six months now, and it is absolutely perfect for the two of us.

Finding an Apartment for Me and My Dog

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