When you make a big move, it is the little things that you forget to setup. I work a lot from home, so one of the major things I wanted to setup at my new apartment was the internet; I can’t do any work for my job without the internet. I was moving from Illinois to Texas, since my company had transferred me. I was actually really looking forward to the move south. It was my mother who reminded me that I needed to find out where I would get my utilities. Thankfully I found your website right away when I did a Google search for Texas Power companies.

I knew my power bill would probably be going up since; it tends to stay warm in Texas. I actually was looking forward to getting away from the brutal winters that can happen in Illinois. Although, my family did tell me I would grow to miss the snow at the Holidays. I figure I can go visit them during the Holidays just enough to enjoy the snow and winter weather and then leave them and go back to my warm weather in Texas.

Even though I was getting a nice pay raise moving to Texas, didn’t mean I wanted to spend a lot more on my energy bills. I found a few companies online, but none of their prices were as affordable as yours. I also liked the fact that you had a budget billing program that I could join after I was with your company for a period of time. Another thing I really liked about your website was you gave me great ways to help cut down on my electric bill, for example, when not to use a lot of electricity in peak hours, I know this will help me keep my energy bills lower.

Get Your Energy Bills Under Control

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