It is not the first time that I have said, but I think that it shall be the last. I am fed up with Time Warner and their shenanigans with my bill. The only thing that slows me down is the fact that I am not really seeing a lot of great options to replace their internet service. I have been looking at this and of course it seems obvious that you can easily get a price from Directv that will beat the tar out of what I am paying for the cable TV that I have right now. The only issue with it is related to the weather, assuming that you do not have obstructions blocking your line of sight to the piece of sky you need to point the antenna towards. I have seen what happens, some times it is just a particular type of cloud. I guess that the clouds reflect the signal or some such thing. This time I think that I shall be rid of them once and for all. They have been doing this same thing to me as long as I can remember. They keep tacking on these charges of unknown providence to me bill and if I did nothing it would be close to two hundred dollars by now. Of course I complain and they lower it temporarily, but very soon it starts climbing again. They do not want to lose me as a customer, at least not so long as they have not taken all of the money that I have to give them. So they pretend that they are going to lower my bills. That just proves that they are charging me a lot more than they should be. It is fairly obvious when you sit down and think it through.

I Am Fed Up with Time Warner

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