I am not the type of person to go to a new company because I can save a few dollars a month. However, I will leave a company if I feel the customer service is better at another company. That was the case with the company that provided my cable television. Though they kept increasing the prices every couple of years, I did not leave them until I had a billing error that they did not resolve quickly. I told them to cancel my entire account, and I looked at directselecttv.com after a friend suggested that I may want to go with the same company that he has been using for years.

I know he has never had a problem with the reception, even during some of the wicked storms that our area is known to have throughout the year. Even during the heaviest snowfalls, his signal was restored much quicker than my own cable service. I took a look at the different packages, and I was impressed with the low cost as well. I didn’t really realize that I had been paying way too much since I always had it taken directly from my account.

I was also pleased with the programming packages. I would get more channels for a lower price, and they even threw in the free installation as a bonus. I knew I had nothing to lose, and a lot to gain, so I went ahead and signed up with them. I have a two year contract which means I am tied in with current pricing for that amount of time too. I don’t mind the commitment at all, especially when I didn’t have to buy any of the equipment. I was only without television programming for about week, but that is because I wasn’t able to be there earlier for them to install it. Life is back to normal now!

More Channels for Less Money

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