Audio transcription is a pain. Even with a foot pedal and software to go back and listen to a segment again and again, it can take forever to transcribe some stuff. I used to have to do it as part of a job. I had other duties, and I had to transcribe notes at times. We would beg and trade coworkers to get them to do it. I finally persuaded our boss to either hire an expert in transcribing audio or outsource it. I discovered that Scriptorum can do legal based transcriptions, and they are experts at it. It would free us up to do the main work we were hired to do, which would actually save our company money in the long run.

My coworkers and I provide many other valuable services for the firm we work for. Transcription is the lowest thing on our list of things to do. We would often have to put it off and be late turning in transcriptions. The office manager began to assign the work to specific people. They liked it as much as the rest of us-not at all. It just made sense to outsource to professionals who actually do audio transcriptions for a living. They are not going to be scrambling to get the transcriptions done while having to do a hundred other things in a day.

Now our transcriptions are completed on time. Even the ones that are needed as soon as possible are completed in just a few hours. We can have audio files urgently transcribed in just a few hours. All of the communications are done electronically, so no one has to physically take anything anywhere or pick it up. That cuts down on wasted paper and travel too. Whoever needs the transcriptions done can just email the files and receive a document back to print out in no time.

Outsourcing Audio Transcription Saves Us Time and Money

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