My wife and I have not been intimate as much as of late and it kind of has me bummed out. I do not know all of the reasons why this has happened, but I am sure that there are some parts of it that are my fault. I want to try to buy some sex aids that will help to spice things up in the bedroom and hopefully provide a renewed interest and passion into our love life. I feel like these things have to be worked on constantly and that it is typically hard to have a healthy relationship, especially a marriage, if you are not having sex. And I don’t mean just having sex due to some sort of notion of duty towards the act, but rather, having the type of sex where both partners are engaged and actively fulfilling their sexual needs.

So, to make that happen again in my own relationship, I have come to the conclusion that the introduction of some new sex aids might be the easiest way to make that happen. We have tried some things before, but nothing too interesting. Mostly just some lubricants, and things along that nature. I would say that the most erotic thing we have bought so far is flavored lubricant, which we did not end up using very much.

Anyway, I think it is definitely time to get some new ideas. So I just want to browse the catalog of a online shop that sells this type of stuff and really try to take in all that is available. I want to know what my options are in full so that I can buy the items that I think are most likely to be help us to reignite our sexual relationship, through some trial and error is probably going to be involved.

Sex Aids for Improving Relationship

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