This house looks a shambles, but the truth is it not so bad as it looks and it is a matter of figuring out the cost of fixing it up. In fact Jan and I are sort of thinking that we might be able to turn a profit on this place relatively quickly if we are able to do things the right way. It is not like we are going to try to do all of it on our own. This guy I know does plumbing repair in Bergen county NJ and I have worked out a deal with him. I have this boat, which is not worth a lot, but it is a boat and he wants a boat. Jan wants a new bathroom and we figure that we are more than willing to swap a boat we do not need for a bathroom that we do need. You have to figure out what the value of the work is going to be and what you can budget.

In fact I have been really busy with painting and refinishing the floors. It is amazing how much nicer this place looks just after that. When we bought it there was this awful looking shag carpeting every place, but the floors were hard wood. So we ripped that up and then I set about put a new finish on the floors. It really turned out a lot better than I expected, which is more than I can say about the paint job to be honest. I was never very good at painting and this is not a work that I am all that proud of. In fact you can look at it closely and see how poorly I did the job, but I figure most people do not look too closely at walls.

Started to Fix Up an Old House

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