What do you buy for the woman in your life who loves her weaves, extensions and wigs? It’s easy; curly clip in hair extensions! Finding the right gift for the right person is easier than you might think. There’s absolutely no reason for us to stress ourselves out this holiday season. Isn’t it time to make Christmas a little bit more Christmas like instead of shopping focused? So much of that stress can come from how deeply we care and love the people we’re shopping for. This year, I’m going to change things up for myself and instead of trying to buy some obscure gift that serves as a message for how much I care about the person, I’m going to give them what I feel that they want.

So if my friend is into weaves, why not get her extensions for Christmas? The cost of a gift doesn’t reflect how much a person cares or doesn’t care. Just because I might spend a $100 or so dollars on a single gift shouldn’t send a message to the person. Why do we put so much stock into the gifts that we’re given? It’s like we’re trying to read between the wrapping, looking for some sort of hidden message the giver meant for us to find.

It might be true to some degree that we do this. Social engagement often feels like a haphazard maze of things said and left unsaid. Why not simply use the words that we have and say the things we mean instead of relying on actions or gifts to fill in the rest? It would make the holidays far more pleasant. I can’t remember a single Christmas in the past decade that didn’t have some sort of drama attached to it due to a misunderstanding over a gift.

The Social Value of a Gift

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